Waitahanui Marae Trustees

Whakapapa Wananga at Waitahanui's Paakira Marae 14 - 15 February 2009.

The project is a Whakapapa Wananga at Paakira Marae hosted by Waitahanui Kaumatua Mataara Wall. The wananga open to all people to identify who they are in relation to Ngati Tutemohuta, Pakira tangata and Tutemohuta whanau.

The wananga will be based around Whakapapa, whanaungatanga, hakari, Tikanga and kawa o te marae. The project is aimed at benefittign the marae and allowing the younger generation to see how they relate to each other and the marae.

Tutemohuta embraces their Whakapapa

Ngati Tutemohuta whanau of Waitahanui and Korohe converged at Pakira Marae to celebrate the coming together of their Whakapapa which was put together by Mataara Wall, local Waitahanui Koroua and Pou of Hahi Ratana.

The hui started off with a presentation of Whakapapa by Mataara, the main convenor of the hui.

Approximately 40 adults and 15 children attended throughout the weekend. A number of whanau were unable to attend as they were at an unveiling and harimate at Waitetoko marae. Others were at Otaki Marae for some of Tutemohuta whanau graduations. But there was still a good turn out of enthusiastic whanau, all keen to learn how they are related.

Mataara started the wananga beginning with Tuwharetoa and coming through to Tutemohuta. He explained to those attending the depth of his knowledge but also said that some names may be in the wrong place or missed out, but hopefully some of those attending the wananga would be able to give input and make changes.

He explained about all of Tutemohuta's children talking about each generation through to the current generation. Observing and listening, the people showed they were intrigued with one of the comments being 'We are all the same, one people.'

Lunch was a feast, the food was described as delicious and there were many compliments for the cooks for a meal well prepared.

The Wananga continued with Maatara taking participants through the Wall family tree identifying all who belonged to Tutemohuta. Throughout the day there were opportunities for participants to have one on one korero with Mataara.

On the Saturday night the children had a sleepover at the marae with korero on marae Tikanga and the background to marae protocol and reasons for doing things for the marae, giving them the full marae experience.

Sunday began with a big breakfast feast followed by a waiata session learning Moteatea and songs for the paepae such as 'E Pa to Hau' and 'Ka eke ki Wairaka. The wananga ended with a marae clean up.

The highlight of the weekend wananga was learning of the relationships, the whanau, intermarriages, whenua and most of all that we were and are all Tutemohuta and connected to Pakira one way or another giving us mana whenua in Taupo and surrounding areas.

Heoi ano
Ngatoru Wall ( Waitahanui Marae Trustee)

Pic 1: Waitahanui Kaumatua Mataara Wall explaining the 
whakapapa to those attending the wananga.
Pic 2: From Tuwharetoa to Tutemohuta
Whakatauāki:   English

Wārea te one tapu,

Ka hura tangata a uta, me tiakina atu ki tangata a tai, Ka hura tangata a tai, me tiakina atu ki tangata a uta. Kia oti ake te mahara ma te taiao mo ake tonu atu.

Clear the sacred pathway,

And let those who care for the hinterland, be as one with those who reside by the seaside. Let those who care for the seaside, be of one thought with those of the hinterland, only then will the care of the environment be secured forever.