Maroanui Marae Extension & Repair Project

The second stage of the Maroa Marae renovations is now complete with new wheelchair ramps and extra steps being installed up to the front decks with hand rails on either side. The back deck was roofed, reinforced and new railings and steps were installed. Awnings for a manuhiri paepae were installed as well as a covering for the front of the wharenui and roll up clear blinds for the back covered in deck.

Whakatauāki:   English

Wārea te one tapu,

Ka hura tangata a uta, me tiakina atu ki tangata a tai, Ka hura tangata a tai, me tiakina atu ki tangata a uta. Kia oti ake te mahara ma te taiao mo ake tonu atu.

Clear the sacred pathway,

And let those who care for the hinterland, be as one with those who reside by the seaside. Let those who care for the seaside, be of one thought with those of the hinterland, only then will the care of the environment be secured forever.