2011 - 2012 Projects  

Te Waapa Urupa project
Te repair the exisiting fence around one grave and build a new fence around the others. The trust was formed in 1976 and has been operating since then. Maintenance will be managed by members of the whanau of those who are buried there.
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TKKM o Whakarewa I to Reo ki Tuwharetoa Koha
One off koha to the TKKM o Whakarewa I to Reo ki Tuwharetoa in recognition that the trust is committed to the education of our mokopuna, and the important contribution the Kura makes towards strengthening cultural identity and the relationship between the Wairakei Hapu and their Taonga.

Oruanui Farm Waterways Project
Oruanui Farm waterways project will carry out overall health assessment of the two waterways Waiharuru and Tuhangahanga that become the Mangaraupo and Te Rau-o-Te-Huia streams, to assess existing issues with the two streams to identify problems and causes and ways of managing them, to evaluate a success of restoration , to re-establish relationships with sites of significance, to teach hapu and non hapu about freshwater values and get them involved in the streams and evaluate a successful economical base from the streams. Quote from Headlands (Alison Dewes) to develop staged planting and fencing plan over series of wetland and riparian areas. Plan to be tailored to suit availability, time and sources of funds to complete the task over desired periods. Part two of the project is to plan for the migration of farming operations to lower footprint and higher profit system.

Whakatauāki:   English

Wārea te one tapu,

Ka hura tangata a uta, me tiakina atu ki tangata a tai, Ka hura tangata a tai, me tiakina atu ki tangata a uta. Kia oti ake te mahara ma te taiao mo ake tonu atu.

Clear the sacred pathway,

And let those who care for the hinterland, be as one with those who reside by the seaside. Let those who care for the seaside, be of one thought with those of the hinterland, only then will the care of the environment be secured forever.